Saturday, March 26, 2011

Number-crunching - sales figures - Jules

Number-crunching time, as US tax deadline approaches. I thought it might be useful to post sales figures for my books. The numbers here are the total sales from when the book first went on sale to the end of the calendar year cited. Which means you can get the per year figures for 2009 and 2010 with a bit of subtracting, if you're so inclined.

from 1st day on sale until end of200820092010
Black Leather Rose774922995
Buildup 1: Mindscan130414661554
Buildup 2: Pulling Strings711857918
Dolphin Dreams173921512352
Lord and Master151018392057
L&M 2: Taking Work Home64810201201
Promises To Keep100211191200
Spindrift 2: Ship to Shore419480510

Other items of interest -- sales direct from the publisher's website have dropped to a trickle, which is not surprising as all of these books have been out for at least two years - the last release I had was in August 2008, before The Day Job Ate My Brain. But over the last 18 months I keep seeing new sales coming in as they add titles to reseller's lists. The really interesting one is that Dolphin Dreams is doing well on Amazon, and having had three months' figures now (Jan-March), it has gone up each month. I'll be interested to see if that's a fluke, or if it reflects increasing Kindle ownership.

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