Friday, March 04, 2011

Red Rose Publishing Rumblings

Google attempted to complete my inquiry about Red Rose Publishing in the following ways:

Piers Anthony has updated his listing for Red Rose Press with: "March 2011 update: Five more reports from four authors, all negative ... Others report failure to pay money owed, intimidating tactics, failure to return rights, publishing books without contracts, bad editing, and failure to respond to inquiries. I understand that 42 authors have gotten together and are trying to warn others away from this publisher. The expectation is that Red Rose will crash this year."

Still not a lot from specific authors, possibly due to the contract including a non-disclosure clause.  However a February 2011 "Ripoff Report" stating in part: "So I weighed in and created the Yahoo group, Red Rose Implosion.  So far there are forty-two of us with more joining as the excuses roll out instead of 2010 fourth quarter statements and checks.  I don’t know whether any 1099s are late, since I supposedly only made $7.00 in sales in 2010—which I have not received despite the fact that I’m one of the two or three people who have received an e-mail release of rights."

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