Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Romance Novels live Again on Etsy

Etsy is a haven for rampant recycling of all sorts of materials--including romance novels. Rebekah Holguin recycled a romance novel (that died a natural death) into this floral brooch. She also has a range of other recycled jewelry.

Rebound designs, on the other hand , is the jewelry equivalent to skipping to the good bits. They provide brooches displaying racy excepts from romance novels,  begging the question what exactly is the right occasion for a pin that says "probing her damp cleft"?
Meagan (a.k.a. FussyGussy) makes pocket mirrors with retro cover backs, such as this one from "Echo In a Dark Wind" by Julia Withers.

And for the Nora Roberts ran (who can stand the thought of a hardback book being gutted, there is a purse made from a copy of Three Fates.

I haven't found anything yet for my birthday wish list, but I'm still looking....

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