Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Unofficial EPIC Winners List


Mainstream : This Train

Adventure Fiction : A Lever Long Enough

Anthology Non-Fiction/Fiction: Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory

Non Fiction : A Dog Named Slugger

Poetry Category: LK Ellwood for Nuclear Soul

Ariana Metaphysical : Beyond Summer

Historical Romance : Notorious Eliza

Historical Fiction: Sunset On Ramree by Robert Appleton

Historical Erotic Romance: The Haunting of Maggie Grey

Western Romance: Promise Me

Ariana (cover) Mainstream : Next Time I'm Gonna Dance

Spiritual and/or Metaphysical Romance : Cup of Joe

Spiritual and/or Metaphysical Fiction : The Comet's Return: Alma Chronicles

Young Adult Non Fiction/ Fiction : The Cinderella Swap

Ariana (cover art) YA : The Battle for Atlantis

Children's Non Fiction/ Fiction: Island Sting

Western Erotic Romance : Rocky Mountain Haven

Ariana -Western : Queen of Hearts

Contemporary Romance : Be My Baby

Ariana - Contemporary Romance : One More Soldier

Contemporary Erotic Romance : Safe Harbor

Ariana - Contemporary Erotic Romance: Latin Rhythm

Anthology - Romance : Directions of Love

Anthology - Erotica / Erotic Romance : Coming Together: Into the Light

Erotica : Second Chance

Ariana - Erotica : The Soldier's Mate

Mystery - Suspense Fiction : The Pot Thief Who Studied Ptolemy

Mystery, Suspense, and/or Adventure Romance : Breaking Daylight

Ariana - Mystery/Suspense : The Son Who Paid Attention

Friend of ePublishing : All Romance eBooks

Patricia Lucas White Award : Elizabeth Delisi

Science Fiction : Massively Multiplayer

Science Fiction Romance : Girl Gone Nova

Ariana - SciFi/Futuristic Fiction/Romance : End Game

SciFi Erotic Romance : Lord of Thunder

Ariana - SciFi/Futuristic Erotic Romance : A Touch of Lilly

Fantasy / Paranormal Fiction : Frost Moon

Ariana - Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction : Lady Warhawk

Fantasy Romance : The Prince of Val-Feyridge

Paranormal Romance : Da Vinci's Lost Years

Ariana -Fantasy/Paranormal Romance : Daughter of Ashes

Fantasy Erotic Romance : Mad, Bad, and Dangerous

Paranormal Erotic Romance : Desire to Die For

Ariana - Fantasy/Paranormal Erotic Romance: Five Rings

Horror Fiction: The Hollow Book 1 The Ticking

Horror Erotic Romance : The Blue Moon Cafe

Ariana - Horror: Beautiful People

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