Saturday, April 30, 2011

No Boobs Please, We're American

This is the cover of the PS3 game that 'select markets' in North American apparently can't cope with.  Possibly select markets with more fundamentalist owners? (Cough*walmart*cough). Who can't cope with a pair of largely clothed cartoon breasts....

Market: Dreams n Fantasies

Wicked Ink (as previously mentioned) seems to have sprouted another imprint called Dreams n Fantasies. Both are under the banner of Keith Publications. As is D'Ink Well and a site called 'I Love Reviews' which seems, coincidentally, to review books from Wicked Ink.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kindle Syndicated

This blog is now Kindle syndicated.  Quite why anyone would pay good money to read it, I don't know.  But far be it from me to stop them.

Snakes and Escalators.

It has been suggested that larger publisher may start adopting royalties schedules where authors who sell higher volumes get larger roaylties (called "escalators")

I am not sure exact;y why they would do this , and do it for ebooks but not print? Reasoning does not seem to be provided in the article.

But given that many large presses have trouble keeping an accurate accounting even with a flat royalty, imagine how they could screw up payments based on an escalating royalty.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Red Smoke?

DearAuthor report "In developing news, Red Sage is being sued for non payment or underpayment of royalties in small claims court in Florida by author Koko Brown. There is no official comment from either parties."

They pay what?!

From Heroes and Heartbreakers.

" welcomes submissions of original short romance stories in all subgenres ... We are particularly interested in stories between 6,000 and 15,000 words ... We pay $1,000 against a 25% royalty."

Another Trend

First it was Avon, them Penguin... and now Macmillan is starting a social networking site. Criminal Element focuses on detective, thriller and western fiction.

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Macmillan Launches Crime and Mystery Web Site

Some More Epublishers

  • Stone Gate Ink: "StoneGate Ink is a full service publishing house specializing in up and coming authors, electronic format books and out of print publishing."
  • Crossed Genres: "Crossed Genres Publications is currently OPEN for submissions of completed speculative fiction novels to publish in print and ebook formats."
  • Pfoxmoor Publishing: "...we bring you the very best in Young Adult romance, fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, contemporary, and cross-over fiction...."

Market: Ankara

Ankara Press wants romance writers: "The stories should have African settings, storylines and characters. They should also portray women in a positive light."

Ankara Press Calls for Submission
: "Purse-size romance novella: The novels should be 40,000 – 45,000 words long (they should not exceed this word limit) and should be divided into about 10-15 chapters." 

Contact Chinelo Onwualu at: AnkaraSubmissions at for submission guidelines.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The End of Manual Typewriters

Godrej and Boyce, the India-based manufacturer of new typewriters has officially stopped production. Once they sell through their stock it will become effectively impossible to buy a brand new manual typewriter.

Swintec in the United States still makes typewriters--however they do not seem to carry a fully manual model. Interestingly Swintec makes a see through typewriter for use by prison inmates (I assume so thet cannot steal parts of hide things in it without being detected?)

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Links: Various

Links: the Fact bs. Fiction Editiom

  • Online hoax romance at heart of lawsuit: "About seven months later, Bonhomme's friends uncovered the creepy truth. James, his young son and about 20 other friends and family members Bonhomme had been communicating with for months were characters allegedly created by a woman in Chicago's west suburbs."
  • Porn? No, romance is the real risk: "A bigger mystery to me is not women watching porn, nor powerful men who are secretly submissive but why, in a country packed to the gunnels with intelligent, literate, stroppy femmes, romantic fiction is such a big seller."
  • World Of Warcraft Facilitates Romance: "For the following two months, Langman, 27, and Bentley, 24, rendezvoused in Azeroth, until finally one day they made a decision to meet in Santa Barbara instead."
  • Wills and Kate inspire $1.99 bodice-rippers: ...Harlequin and Avon Impulse — corralled authors to quickly write short stories that, for $1.99 per mouse click, might steam up an office PC at lunch time or tickle a bedroom fancy

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Penguin has finally launched their take on writing-based social networking: Book Country. It seems like a weird hybrid of and  You can write, read and self-publish.  I am not overly enthused, but then I rarely am.

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Penguin Launches Book Country, An Online Community for Genre Fiction

Monday, April 25, 2011

Erotic Writer's Remorse?

Jilly Cooper apparently said: 'When you get older you suddenly realise you don't have long left. You've got to get going. I've always thought I'm going to live forever, and I'm not.' 'I'd like to write a good book, a proper good book.'

So what about it 'yall?  Do you think you might get to a more advanced age and decide you've been wasting your time writing books that are not 'proper'?

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Terence Blacker: We need more sex from our authors, not less

Beauty and the Beasts

Meg Langhorne is an artist who has been giving romance covers a furry twist. I'd give it an A for effort but I am not so sure about execution, and it seems to me that the original cover artist should get explicitly referenced somewhere. I like a campy homage as much as the next gal, but giving credit where it's due is what separates homage from theft-age....

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The End of OpenOffice

It seems that Oracle's mishandling of the OpenOffice development community has finally killed off what was the main open source competition for Microsoft Word.  But never fear, most have defected to a similar platform, dubbed LibreOffice.

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Folks, it's time to switch to LibreOffice

Issues with Lachesis

There seem to be some issues with Lachesis Press.

"...they’ve had some real difficulties dealing with distributors here in the U.S." [Joe McKinney]

"Lachesis was recently bought by a Ms. Louise Clark. Apparently, there is some unhappiness about a buy out clause among the authors." [Louise Bohmer]

"Poor contract. Not recommended." [Preditors & Editors]


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Links with Attitude

The Lastest Plagiarism Scandal

As noted by TeddyPig.  Christine Phoenix's 'I Will Follow You' seems to include quite a lot of J.L. Langley's 'With Love'.

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Links: Royalties, Royal Awesome, Royally Cool Moms, and Royal Smackdown

Friday, April 22, 2011

New All genre Epublisher

Corner Club Press

"Welcome to The Corner Club Press. We're dedicated to bringing you high-quality fiction and poetry..."

The creation of The Corner Club Press is actually an impulsive endeavor of ours. "

That doesn't really inspire confidence.

"The Corner Club Press is an on-line non-profit magazine distributed as a free PDF download. We publish every two months"

So, a market for poetry and short stories--excluding erotica.

As of now, we offer cash for the best poem/short story in each issue. Keep in mind pay rate is subject to change. Pay rate is $50 as of now. ONLY one best poem and one best short story in each issue--Editor's 'Best Of.'"

In my experience the only thing that gets you in more trouble than not paying at all, is paying token amounts and/or only paying some contributors.

"Editing Services ... Amber Forbes is now offering editing/tutoring services for academic papers and first fifty page critiques of novels. Please see AmberSkyeF for more information regarding pricing of these services"
Not a great idea to advertise paid editing on your 'publisher' page.

"Want to donate to us? Click on the 'buy now' button to donate a minimum of 2 dollars that will go to our advertising funds."

We are going to pay for you to advertise your magazine because...?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I cam across Kindlerotica via this press release. It is kind of an interesting idea.  The anthology itself if available for free--but it acts as a promotion for a vibrator store which is named as the editor. The ebook seems intended to model the erotic charge and private consumption the company sees as part of their brand.

I went to Amazon and searched for "kindlerotica" and nothing came up. It seems a little odd to name the book after the kindle and announce it before it is actually available on that platform? Anyway, I tracked it down at Smashwords.

The first story struck me as quite old fashioned.  A first person disclosure of a girl being awakened from prim to wanton. The next few have a similar style but are at least stand alone stories for a somewhat reserved (lawyer, 'nice guy', middle-aged virgin, neglected girlfriend) guy or gal meeting someone different who expands their sexual horizons. The stories get better and more diverse as the collection goes and for a free book it is pretty good quality. I would guess that most of the stories were written a few decades ago. The erotic scenes are frequent but not long enough to be what you could call a stroke book.

Ultimately I wonder if the book is exactly the promotional item they intend.  I got: pretty good quality, hot enough but not scorching.  But I also got, some formatting issues with stray spaces and lines, not very modern, BBW-positive but  a bit male POV (e.g. straight girls having lesbian dalliances, no gay guys). A bit of a mixed bag really. I doubt it will incline me to buy their merchandise, but perhaps I am not really their target demographic?

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Average erotic romance ebook sales as of Apr 17, 2011
First month: 286 copies
Total to date for books out one year or less: 401 copies
First year: 807 copies
Total to date for books available for more than one year: 1229 copies
Total books on record: 264

Averages are based on at least 5 in print books by at least 3 different authors. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Romance for the birds

Kendal and Quest, a pair of rare peregrine falcons are setting up a nest right across from Harlequin headquarters. Donna Hayes, chief executive officer of Harlequin Enterprises, reports that the pair "have been seen copulating about three times per day."

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Queerty Closed

"Gay Agenda" blog Queerty has closed its doors.  Their farewell message is: "After more than five years of serving the LGBT community with news and entertainment, Queerty has come to a close. The decision to shutter the site was not an easy one to make, and it is with great pain that we say goodbye to our loyal readership. From all of Queerty's writers and contributors, from our first unto our last day, thank you for spending some time with us"

Free Advertising

If you are, or want to be, a guest blogger here--I have some ad spots available at the bottom of the blog.  If you have ever guest blogged or otherwise helped out, just send me a square graphic that is at least 265 pixels wide and a link (to veinglory at and I will post it on a rotating basis.  If you would like to be a guest blogger, send in your post--anything considered. I will be looking for material for May as I will be on vacation and mostly off the computer during that month.

New Self-Publishing Co-op

Walk on the Wild Side Books

"Welcome to Walk on the Wild Side Books, a collection of sexy fiction by authors well-established in print now exploring the adventurous world of independent digital publishing with equally adventurous forays into erotica and erotic romance."

MARKET: Puddletown

 Puddletown Publishing Group (blog) is an all genre epublisher that appears to accept submissions by invitation only.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dorchester Stays Classy

Dorchester is offering for sale not only their stable of true romance magazines but the associated "data base of 400,000 past and present subscriber's names, mailing addresses and emails." Given that the readers of these magazines are in a desirable gender and age demographic for marketers, I suspect they can expect to see some junk mail and spam in the future. Also they are shopping around a digital archive of all of the stories published in these magazines over almost a century. I have to wonder, do they really hold all the rights they are offering for sale here?

Links: Various

Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Romance

"Samhain Publishing, the mostly digital romance publisher, has started a new fiction e-book line, Retro Romance, which brings back romances originally published in the 1970s, ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s."

God help me if the year 2000 is already retro.

Via PW.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New EPIC Website

EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) has a redesigned website that is more modern but also has a bad attack of the blands. It seems to be something of a trend.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Agent-Publisher Hybrids: Yes or No?

The Bookseller reports that: "Literary agents are privately ­discussing removing a clause ­preventing them from acting as publishers in the UK Association of Authors' Agents constitution."

I gotta admit that I am old fashioned. Just because something is happening more and more often does not necessarily make it a good thing.

A conflict of interest is a conflict of interest.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Yet more all-genre epubishers

  • Books to Go Now: "Books to Go Now should be your first stop for the highest quality eBooks and app story downloads on the web."
  • No Boundaries Publishing:  "We accept works from 5,000 to 100,000 words in all genres." One of the 'genres' is 'alternative lifestyles'. : /

Link Roundup: The 'Me Too' Edition

Here are are couple of things I don't need to blog about because someone else did it first, and probably better.

Amber Swann

Amber Swann seems to be an epublisher with an inter-racial focus run by Mercedes Keyes and Lawrence James

I don't see anything about outside submissions so I am going to assume this is a self-publishing brand.

The website is really busy and the Poser zombies kind of scare me. But maybe that's just me.

Virtual Tales closed

Epublisher Virtual Tales has apparently ceased operating.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Barnes and Noble Fiddles the Rankings

It has been noticed, on the Kindle boards and elsewhere, that Barnes and Noble's book rankings have suddenly changed. It seems to embarrass them that erotica often appears near the top of the sales rankings. So it appears that erotic fiction near the top of the rankings has been handicapped to drop it lower down.  As usual with this sort of thing, the changes were made without warning, explanation or any kind of public acknowledgement.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Links: the negativity edition

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here We Go Again

Jessica Verday reports that she was asked to change her M/M story to M/F for inclusion in the Running Press/Constable&Robinson anthology  Wicked Pretty Things. This choice is apparently down to editor Trisha Telep.


No, actually deciding to exclude gay stories or demand they be changed to het to be included  isn't just an oopsie. So I think the decision of Stacia Kane, Andrew Smith, Seanan McGuire and many others to withdraw their submissions from this and other anthologies is entirely appropriate.

I also hope that Running Press takes a firmer position in favor of diversity and that these anthologies eventually do get created with diverse stories in them in their original form. But Running Press and Telep need to put out a bit more in the way of prominent and assertive messaging to make that happen, before this whole thing snowballs.

Telep's response (which current exists only as a comment) should be acknowledged as a first step in making that happen: "I sincerely regret the sequence of events which has led to Jessica Verday’s story ‘Flesh Which Is Not Flesh’ being excluded from the forthcoming anthology Wicked Pretty Things. This has been the result of a misunderstanding on my part which is entirely regrettable. Along with publishers Constable & Robinson Ltd, who commissioned the anthology, and Running Press, who are due to co-publish the book in the United States, I fully support LGBTQ issues. I apologise wholeheartedly for any offence that I have caused and offer the assurance that I would not in future reject any story on the grounds that it included a gay (or any LGBTQ) relationship."

However, the publisher responses seem rather ... equivocal. 

Running Press continues to kind of miss the point by blaming the author and the social media and remaining silent on the role played by their appointed editor. Generally these things only work if you start with a more convincing mea culpa rather than skipping with distinct haste to the you-a culpa.

Here is a good summary post.

April 6 update: Running Press is still digging that hole deeper with back-channel communications.