Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I cam across Kindlerotica via this press release. It is kind of an interesting idea.  The anthology itself if available for free--but it acts as a promotion for a vibrator store which is named as the editor. The ebook seems intended to model the erotic charge and private consumption the company sees as part of their brand.

I went to Amazon and searched for "kindlerotica" and nothing came up. It seems a little odd to name the book after the kindle and announce it before it is actually available on that platform? Anyway, I tracked it down at Smashwords.

The first story struck me as quite old fashioned.  A first person disclosure of a girl being awakened from prim to wanton. The next few have a similar style but are at least stand alone stories for a somewhat reserved (lawyer, 'nice guy', middle-aged virgin, neglected girlfriend) guy or gal meeting someone different who expands their sexual horizons. The stories get better and more diverse as the collection goes and for a free book it is pretty good quality. I would guess that most of the stories were written a few decades ago. The erotic scenes are frequent but not long enough to be what you could call a stroke book.

Ultimately I wonder if the book is exactly the promotional item they intend.  I got: pretty good quality, hot enough but not scorching.  But I also got, some formatting issues with stray spaces and lines, not very modern, BBW-positive but  a bit male POV (e.g. straight girls having lesbian dalliances, no gay guys). A bit of a mixed bag really. I doubt it will incline me to buy their merchandise, but perhaps I am not really their target demographic?

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