Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Links: the Fact bs. Fiction Editiom

  • Online hoax romance at heart of lawsuit: "About seven months later, Bonhomme's friends uncovered the creepy truth. James, his young son and about 20 other friends and family members Bonhomme had been communicating with for months were characters allegedly created by a woman in Chicago's west suburbs."
  • Porn? No, romance is the real risk: "A bigger mystery to me is not women watching porn, nor powerful men who are secretly submissive but why, in a country packed to the gunnels with intelligent, literate, stroppy femmes, romantic fiction is such a big seller."
  • World Of Warcraft Facilitates Romance: "For the following two months, Langman, 27, and Bentley, 24, rendezvoused in Azeroth, until finally one day they made a decision to meet in Santa Barbara instead."
  • Wills and Kate inspire $1.99 bodice-rippers: ...Harlequin and Avon Impulse — corralled authors to quickly write short stories that, for $1.99 per mouse click, might steam up an office PC at lunch time or tickle a bedroom fancy

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