Thursday, May 05, 2011

Interview with Borders CEO Mike Edwards

IMHO, this interview is of made of FAIL:

"....our publishers are going to make or break our ability to transform this company at the end of the day... It’s been a little disappointing"

'Your' publishers? You mean the ones who books you sold, and then never paid for? I imagine they are also a little disappointed in you....

"...the e-book effect is far more destructive than pricing...I was surprised to see it move that fast"

That is, ebooks are 'destructive' if you didn't see them coming and suck at selling them.

Re: bonuses for executives: "We’re trying to do everything we can to stabilize the talent we have in the company, give them some hope and incentive and some upside for committing to a very turbulent environment"

How about using that money to pay down the debt to publishers?  That might make them feel a little more co-operative?

Frankly, the attitude put forward by this interview moves me from being cautiously optimistic to rather pessimistic about Borders prospects for pulling through.

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