Monday, June 27, 2011

I love me a painted cover

I mean look at this.

Doesn't it remind you of the great fully painted covers that used to be on so many books before stock photography conquered the world?

This is a cover that it looks like some kind of painter might have actually painted, like... with paint? Okay, maybe with digital paint, but that's cool too. (Sort of).

I think Dreamspinner should make their catalog searchable by cover artist, or at least make it work as a keyword.

This one is by Paul Richmond.

This seems to be his website.  It's terrible.  No, I mean flash-intro-microscopic-font-can't-link-to-internal-pages-with-frames terrible. Do you hear that sound, Paul.  It's Web 2.0 and its calling you.  Answer the call, Paul.

This cover art is by... um, it doesn't say.

Come on!

Don't you know some of us will be a book for the cover art alone!  This one is giving me 70s fantasy art flashbacks, in a good way, and with extra gay.

This is wonderful who did this? Anne Cain, is that you?

This is not, but it's the odd one out.  Most of their covers are very good, some are gorgeous.

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