Wednesday, June 22, 2011


"Carina Press is also pioneering a different business model from most major publishers and from the rest of Harlequin. It offers authors a higher royalty payment (30% of the cover price of direct sales, 15% from third parties) in exchange for forgoing advances and has both a faster speed to market and a heavier publishing schedule than print ... Independent publishers such as Ellora's Cave and Samhain have made this their day-to-day business for years ... It's not surprising that Harlequin would get there [to digital publishing] first."

So, first of the really really big publishers to do what hundreds of others are already doing, but a decade later and not some of the good stuff (like monthly royalty reports) and only if you don't count non-romance publishers. And not reporting any imprint-specific sales figures. Yeah, okay. Shut me up by sending in your great Carina sales figures. Nothing impresses me like sales figures.

Edited to add: When is 30% not 30%? Is the royalty rate for direct sales actually 25%?

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