Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I recently discovered a site called "Klout" which claims to be a 'new standard in influence' (or something like that). After sulking for a while because my Kloutscore sucked, I began poking around.

So basically Klout is a platform to try and leverage Facebook, Linked In and Twitter into a sort of influence selling marketplace (or a marketplace selling things to people with influence... or a little of both). Sort of a meta-social network with extra monetization clearly in the wings.

But I am less worried about what Klout is doing, than what I can do with it. I think it is kind of useful in that it reminds me not just to have social networking pages, but to use them. It is amazing how sticking a number on something motivates me to want to have a higher number, no matter how murky or arbitrary the underlying algorithm might be....

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