Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spice, past its sell buy date?

It seems Harlequin is discontinuing Spice (?) at least for novel length works.  IMHO the problem with Spice is quality (patchy at best), emphasis (rather... odd, IMHO) and heat levels (often surprisingly luke warm or based on a skeezy premise) than the idea of the line.

Despite a promising initial concept I don't know that they ever "pushed the envelope beyond the run-of-the-mill erotic." They seemed to focus on rather weird historicals, and fantasy-but-not-paranormals, as well as anthologies with odd cartoony covers. I am not sure if the were trying to find a niche outside the norm for erotic romance and distinct from Blaze, or just didn't really grasp what modern erotic romance is....

I suppose Spice was notable for publishing an M/M story, albeit in an anthology, under the Harlequin imprint--at least.

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