Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marisa Branches Out

I am on record as being pretty skeptical about the use or purpose of an agent when you are submitting to epublishers. And isn't it interesting that Marisa Corvisiero is closed to submissions via the Lori Perkins agency, and is announcing via her blog that she is co-founded a "Literary PowerHouse Consulting, LLC" which will provide "Literary Consulting Services".

What, I ask you, are literary consulting services? It sound a little like asking for money up front rather than waiting around for a cut of potentially modest royalties? That would rather solve the problem of how an agent could make decent money from placing books with small presses and e-publishers.... (Of course only by divorcing the agent's interests from that of the author, which seems to rather undermine the point of having an agent int he first place).

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