Thursday, October 27, 2011

An iPad a Day...

Some of you may remember when Apple promoted very aggressively to schools, and most schools were full of Apple 2E's and the like.  Then gradually PC's chipped away at the market except in specialist ares like graphic design courses.

It seems a little like Apple is trying to use schools to recapture the hearts and minds of kids, via the iPad.  A parent of a child attending Orewa College in New Zealand reports her budget will be severely strained by the descision that the new intake must by an iPad as part of their equipment (prices starting at $799.00 NZD).

She also reports that a school meeting about the new policy was "Basically it was a sales pitch for Apple"

It seems to me that this kind of policy is great in principle, but in practice it will just widen the digital divide between those given immersive experience with new technology, and those limited to an hour or two a week on a geriatric computer at the public library.

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