Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lost books

I have a bit if an addiction to books being sold for a dollar or less.  It just makes me curious how they ended up so.... unwanted.

For Lost Girls and Love Hotels the answer is pretty obvious.  It is an literary-lite emo story of a Canadian girl with a difficult childhood who goes to Japan to be dissolute, work through some things, hide out and have a rather complicated love affair.

So: literary, emo, dark, edgy.  And this is the cover--->

Yeah... no  As one Amazon reviewer says: "It screamed Chick Lit, ... That screaming pinkness, the Japanimation cartoon, the semi-lurid font... Did I really want to subject myself to yet another neurotic-woman/child-takes-on-the-world-of-work account."

If you hate the cover you might love this book, it's that off message.

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