Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sacre Blur

Associate editor for Club lighthouse has been chatting on Facebook and making comments including: "So Kids from M/M ...F/F parents make better people? but do they grow up gay?" and "Old Queers have been converting or should I say "turning" young teenage boys since time immoroal [sic] ... In my days at school there was no gay boys!"

When called on it he responds: "I got a slapped wrist, for having a conflicting opinion...sensetive ...'Nowt as queer as folk"~ as my mother used to say...Is it okay to have a sense of humour?"

To which the answer is: no, not when you say shit like this. Not that I would have paid much attention if he hadn't drawn attention to his role at Club Lighthouse (an epublisher with an LGBT imprint) within the thread.

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