Monday, October 24, 2011

This metaphor is even worse than the "baby" one

"Fame may be waiting for a nudge from you
There is a story of a honest, honourable and devout ady who suffered from a nightmare of bad breaks in life. Her troubles made Job's problems seem like a dream life. Yet she never gave up her faith. At some point she felt that penury was her worst problem. She started praying to God everyday: "God, please make me win the lottery tomorrow." Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and her circumstance remained unchanged. After a spectacularly bad day instead of a prayer, what came out was: "God! What rubbish ? there is no God only the Devil who rewards evil!" Before her rant could go further, a gentle voice interrupted her: "My child, give me a chance -- buy a lottery ticket!"
Are your giving Fame a chance?
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If publishing is a lottery what does this mean?
1) The writers only goal is wealth/fame
2) The are almost certain not to get it
3) If they do get it, it is pure chance/divine intervention, not merit
4) Generally the only winner from gambling is the House

And if their dodgy metaphors don't convince you, there is always their forum spamming and poor proofreading to fall back on.

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