Thursday, November 17, 2011

No "Romance' in Ebooks?!

In the broader sense, what does the word "romance" mean? Dictionaries group meanings in the general categories of:
  1. Stories of the supernatural and adventure
  2. Something extravagant and fanciful
  3. An emotional attraction belonging to a heroic era, and
  4. A love affair.

So when a designer says only print books have "romance" my first thought is: "Kiss my shiny metal ereader." But more specifically:

  1.  Digital books travel at crazy speed, invisible through the air
  2. You can get ebooks about OMG-anything from Sherlock Holmes investigating a fandom spanker, to a love story between a Finnish photographer and a weird little troll.
  3. The age of the digital frontier is pretty damn cool, and
  4. erotica and romance ebooks are selling like crazy.
And that's romance, baby.  End of.

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