Saturday, December 10, 2011

Carina's New Contract

So it seems that Carina's contract going forward will be 40/50% of net receipts (distributed versus own site). This is presented as an increase and who knows, maybe it is. With net it is hard to tell. (That's kind of the problem).

Net is presented as excluding "trade discounts, commissions and any applicable taxes and duties."  So, presumably if they put your book on sale, royalties are cut. As to which exact commissions, taxes and duties etc this might apply to, I am not sure. (Actually, I have no idea at all). but I can see that it is a bit more complicated than excluding only the e-tailer's cut.

Net will apply to sales from the Carina/Harlequin  website because: "a third party assists with the operation of the web site, collecting its fee before remitting proceeds to Carina Press".  So, the author is picking up the tab for Carina's online store, at least to some extent?

I would be very interested to see what this means to the royalties for a book moving to the new net rate. Not just now, but in the future when they might decide to have a sale or contract with a more expensive web site operator. Or deduct sales tax, or whatever else the contract might allow.

The other change is that books will revert soon, with <250 units sold instead of <50. Which strikes me as a pretty good idea in a world where authors have other ways to exploit manuscripts when they have burned out in conventional channels.

Authors already under contract can decide whether to accept either or both changes to existing contracts. It will be boilerplate for future acquisitions.

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