Thursday, December 29, 2011

Market: Inkspell

Standard disclaimers apply.  A new epublisher with a focus on romance and fantasy.

Not sure what to make of this nonsense: "We do not publish erotic romance but all heat levels are accepted if it is relevant to the story."

Some people think porn means nasty crap, and erotica means porn--
but assuming erotic romance=erotica=porn=nasty crap is a new.

Pretty covers, though.

Edited to add:
Entangled uses the sentence: "We are not an erotic romance publisher, however we consider all heat levels, so long as the erotic elements are secondary the story." -- which I think is somewhat less derissive as it at least implies what they mean by 'erotic romance' other than 'stuff we don't want'. (Not that I, personally, agree with that definition--but whatever, I may be in the minority there). 

Entangled are saying erotic romance is a romance where sex is part of the primary story, Inkspell by contrast is saying erotic romance is a romance where sex is gratuitously added that is irrelevant to the story.

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