Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And here's another

"The frozen zipper of her jack cut into her lips as she tried sinking further into her coat. She was trembling violently. It was April. It was supposed to be warm. Grey clouds hung so low they obscure Lake Ontario nearby." --From Heartbreaker by K.C. Hall (2010) and also from One Dance with a Stranger by Mary M Forbes (2009)

"They both laughed as I thought silently for a second. She's probably right I better open the door. So without hesitation I jumped up and sprinted to open the door. I removed the chair and turned the knob to open the door. Jerry [Tony] stood there in his not-yet changed work clothes that he wore to cut grass in and dirt and grass plunging off of him." --From A Fool for Love by K.C Hall (2010) and also from When the Grass Wasn't Greener on the Other Side by Sandra Hicks Lavenchi (2009)

"She shrugged it off and began tying her bikini top, a trip to the beach is what she needed, a nice swim in the ocean. She loved the ocean air, the smell of the salt and the way the water felt on her body. She drove to the beach in her fancy convertible her husband had bought her for Christmas, a blazing Porsche Cayene [a pretty red Porsche]" -- From Whore: an Erotic Tale of Deception by K. C. Hall (2009) and also from Deception: An Erotic Tale of Twisted Fate by Stephanie Smelova (2009)

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