Monday, January 30, 2012

Harlequin takes over Inspy Book Club

My first thought on reading that Harlequin had acquired Heartsong, a producer of inspy romance was: that was probably a good move. Unlike the Harlequin approach, Heartsong books mostly avoided puritanical excesses and doctrinal issues and just went for general Christian themes, like being into God and trying to be a nice person.

But then Harlequin CEO was quoted as saying: "The Heartsong Presents editorial dovetails perfectly with that of Harlequin -- women's fiction and inspirational publishing -- making it a natural fit."  And I had a WTF moment.

Because in the context of Heartsong "inspirational" clearly means Christian. And it has never occurred to me before that Harlequin's tag line "entertain, enrich, inspire" might be code for "preach, save, and send to Jesus".

It does explain why the Harlequin panel books I have been sent have not matched my stated preferences of erotic and paranormal, but instead been 95% secret baby and small town smooches.  Harlequin is trying to convert me... (LOL; good luck with that).

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