Wednesday, January 04, 2012

NetGalley, not friendly?

I realize I am biased here, and I fully understand that publishers need to limit how many review copies they send out, including ebooks ARCs made available through Net Galley--but I do think some publishers are being a little precious about where they set the bar.

Berkley Romance informs us (in bold font) that: "we are only approving review requests from blogs with 1,000+ followers." Entangled also requires 1000 followers and adds "Yes, this is a lot, but we are in the business of selling books and exposure is key."  Disney-Hyperion won't consider bloggers at all.

I think I preferred the old 'ask for an ARC and cross your fingers' approach more than the current long list of 'thou shalts'.

(By contrast University of Illinois press: "University of Illinois Press titles are READ NOW in the catalog, so all NetGalley members can access the galleys immediately.")

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