Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bookstrand, Self-Publishers, and the Way the Wind is Blowing

There is much ado in the distribution of self-publishing authors these days. Bookstrand started by reigning in taboo content and got a bit of a backlash.  So now it seems they may just take their ball, so to speak, and go on home.

As witness their latest email which reads in part: "We have made a decision to no longer maintain most indie author accounts at BookStrand.com. Therefore, we are deactivating all titles associated with your account and no new uploads will be accepted."

While politely worded it feels, to me, bit like: we want to make easy money--and having to actually look at and vet content is too much trouble.  Or at least that is how I would translate: "BookStrand will focus on its core business by servicing accounts of publishers with clear submission and publishing guidelines that best serve our targeted audience."

See also their email to Jane/DearAuthor

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