Sunday, February 12, 2012

Promoting violence against men is apparently okay

Erotica, discrimination, bigotry/hatred, gay themes, satanic horror, themes that promote violence against women/children… they will be deleted without notice or consideration."

Yeah, so... this press is totally anti-discrimination and bigotry. Clearly.

Stephani received this "clarification":

"I do not support gay culture, but that does not make me a "bigot". I have many friends (and some family) who are "gay". But just because we don't accept gay themes is no different than not accepting chick lit or horror... or any other particular topic or theme.
If you are looking for gay themes there are many publishers out there who publish that subject specifically. Yet they may not publish say, "christian themes", is that discrimination against Christians? No, they just don't publish it.

Don't take it so personally. We simply don't print what doesn't interest us or our reader market. And gay themes do not interest us."

For those playing at home, here is the check list:
1) Gay is a culture
2) Some of my best friends are gay
3) Gay is a genre
4) Random mention of Christianity
5) Our decision to discriminate against gay persons and put them on a list with Satan and child abuse should not be taken personally by those persons or their friends/family.

FWIW I don't give a flying fig what a press does or does not publish or even why.  But this choice of phrasing (long list of "unacceptables") is not stating an interest but passing a judgement.(See tag: sin lists)

For more info see my venerable post: How to Say 'No, Thankyou' to M/M and F/F [2007], specifically: "Publishers not comfortable with gay fiction should, of course, not solicit it. But as with any matter of sexuality (as with race, religion or politics), tact is called for."

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