Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Trestle Mess(le)

What, you mean Ghostrider isn't public domain?
It was pretty clear straight out of the gate that Trestle Press was making their cover art with whatever they found on something like a Google image search, without a thought for source or legality.

Now the chickens are in the process of coming home to roost, thanks in part to the first systematic listing of sources for the covers.

Trestle's response is both ludicrous and badly spelled. "Please not that these claims do not come from any artist or copyright holder, but rather a private individual"--yeah, a private individual who directly contacted the artists involved and confirmed that their work was being used without their permission. [Original Trestle blog posted deleted, screen cap here].

Meanwhile authors that dare to even ask where their cover art came from are being shown the door.

IMHO, the sooner this press ceases to be, the better. Whether by ignorance or malice, this is not the conduct of a viable e-publisher.

On a positive note it is good to see that writers are taking copyright of visual art very seriously, even if Trestle Press isn't.

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