Wednesday, March 14, 2012


In an extraordinarily banal but possibly also economically wise move, Harper Collins-slash-Avon has opened a digital imprint for erotica.  What is banal, you might ask.  Well.
  • It's for women, there pink.  Very pink.  (The pinup bimbo, well, I have no idea what that's about.) And then you get to the website which is red, very red.
  • Reporting focuses on women reading ebooks out of shame (a.k.a. women are more "dishonest" than men about reading erotica ).
What is someone new is a digital publisher actually encouraging this alleged shame and dishonesty with a tag line of: “private pleasures with a hand-held device.” Which reads both as a double entendre and an encouragement of "hiding" your erotic reading so as not to look unladylike (perhaps this is where the pinup comes in).

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