Friday, April 27, 2012

Crimson Romance Covers

Crimson Romance has not opened yet but they have some covers on Pinterest.

They aren't bad, but kinda all over the place, and some of them are very reminiscent of Harlequin (or is that just me?).

Others suffer from 'what is that a picture of?' syndrome (example right).  Cropped in a bit tight and a bit too dark to be a clear thumbnail?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Harlequin acquires "Shit Girls Say" book

In their relentless mission to "entertain, enrich, inspire" Harlequin  has just apparently acquired the rights to the debut book by the comedians who brought us the twitter feed "Shit Girls Say".

Satire news right, right?  No apparently this is real. The resulting book will be on my non-existent 'hell-to-the-no' shelf right next to Porn for Women.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mom Gift Suggestion Lists Suck

No airswimmers for you!
Over the last few weeks my in box has been flooded with "helpful" gift suggestions for Mother's Day.  Amazon thinks I should get her fluffy chick lit, Harlequin suggests a diet book. 

I thought that ThinkGeek at least might be deviate from the stereotypes.  But, even given a geeky twist, their picks are basically the same patronizing old bollocks.  In their top ten featured suggestions: perfume, candles, an apron, bath salts and a baby stroller. 

Because clearly featured products for general customers (hoodie, guitar pick maker, remote controlled helium fish, star wars/trek stuff) would not interest females who have procreated.

Ruby Lioness Press

Ruby Lioness Press is a new small press with a romance and erotica focus but open to other genres. The owner is Angelique Mroczka.

Forever Amber WTF

The Forever Amber website now displays a letter that makes pretty much no sense to me at all. Given that both the text and covers were plagiarized/lifted/stolen I am not sure who I am meant to be feeling sorry for here.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Kiss me Baby, Three at a Time

The word is that not only is Siren's upcoming title "Pop Baby" based (rather loosely) on Brittany/KFed, the author is Kfed's aunt.

Fer reals?

"My nephew 'Kevin Federline' inspired me to write this story and the series." [via Romance Studio]

Apparently so.

The goss is doing the rounds of various entertainment blogs.  Canny move or lawsuit in the making?  Damned if I know.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Romance First Publishing

They seem to be using Blogger. Owner is Stephanie L. Danielson. Pays 50%, presumably of cover.

Not-So-Forever Amber

Today, unsurprisingly, the Forever Amber Publishing website is down. The domain is registered to a "Sandra Zoller".

Edited to Add: Zoller is apparently the webmaster.

Edited to Add: There is speculation that a another person [post now deleted] is involved, but I personally doubt this.  Or at least the evidence is not really strong enough to be dragging his name in IMHO.

Edited to Add: In theory the staff are:
Creative Group and Editorial
Senior Project Editor: Jon Buchman (Buch/book-man? Really?)
Acquisitions Editor: Jack Martin
Copy Editor: John Shapiro
Technical Editor: Michelle Davis
Layout and Graphics: Onion Design Studio
Proofreaders: John Shapiro
Indexer: Roxanne Indexing, LLC

Monday, April 16, 2012

Forever Amber--plagiarism again

[Via TeddyPig] Forever Amber Publishing is attracting some negative attention right now. Honestly I have never heard of them before (that I can recall).  They seem to be the erotica imprint of similarly obscure Raked Leaves Publishing. One particular title by Felicia Sussex (I Will Find You) is apparently a thinly disguised M/M genderswap rip of Treva Harte's novel Stay.

Edited to Add: Fairly easy to confirm the plagiarism by comparing I Will Find You (Amazon Look Inside) to this sample of Stay.

Given the cover attribution as the Author of "Tom Cat" Felicia Sussex is possibly a pen name of multi-published (by the same press) Emily Wilcox?? And a review of Tom Cat suggests an unthorough and confusing genderswap....

Edited to Add: Emily Wilcox/Tom Cat seems to be  Kitten101/Catching the Thief

I also find matches with multiple Literotica authors--I suspect not the same people all joining Forever Amber?.  Also a match to Samhain.

Felicia Susses titles
 Emily Wilcox titles
Elizabeth Hudson titles

Richie Chances titles
  • Richie Chance/Pleasure and Pain--Eve Vaughn/Stranded [Samhain]

Sunday, April 15, 2012


InD'Tale is a presumably digital magazine that will tell you all about self-publishing romance writers.  The website seems to be aimed at self-publishing romance writers ("...we will be working to showcase the brightest star in the business -You!").  One would hope they aimed to sell to an audience larger than each other.

That would, presumably, involves saying things that are not obviously desperately promotional.  I guess I will sign up and find out.

RT and Me

I don't really have a lot to say about the Romantic Times convention. There were a lot of people, a lot of books and it seemed quite chaotic a lot of the time.

I met some great people (esp. some of the authors and a bunch of people I knew from twitter, forums etc) but learned relatively little that was new, reliable and of use to me.

It was all very entertaining but also pretty expensive when you add everything together.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Could Shades be the Harry Potter of romance?

On commentator is already recommending what previously reluctant readers might tackle after Shade of Grey. Her list is includes names that are probably familiar to most of us, such as Maya Banks.  But also some rather baffling (to me) Amazon-produced options such as Jamie McGuire. I hope most 'new to erotic romance' readers are getting better recommendation than this.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Year+ Averages

You can see from this figure that I do not have a lot of data for books that have been out for more than a year. Naturally, newer publishers are also not represented.

Average Sales for Books Out One Year or More (April 9, 2012)
Samhain -- 5591
Ellora's Cave -- 1190
Liquid Silver -- 1105
Loose Id -- 988
Cobblestone --574
Torquere -- 359


As much as I like a good romance, I am glad that Disney has finally got around to making an animated movie with a female lead that does not have romance elements

Friday, April 06, 2012

BookExpo Snubs Blogging Press

BEA/BookExpo has decided, at the very last minute, to deny a lot of bloggers' press passes.  This would be less baffling if:
* Their criteria for which blogs qualify as press were in any way clear
* They made the decision promptly, or even by their own deadline
* They hadn't rejected blogs like DearAuthor FFS.  If that isn't a book blog with some influence, what is?

Edited to Add: It seem the rejections are being reversed on a case-by-case basis.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

First Month Sales Update

Average Sales in the First Month (April 5, 2012)
Ellora's Cave -- 691
Carina -- 548
Samhain -- 350
Dreamspinner -- 272
Changeling -- 258
Loose Id -- 198
Liquid Silver -- 154
Torquere -- 88
Cobblestone -- 89

The Rebecca Black of Novel Writing

Rebecca Black's parents paid for her to make a music video.  In the long run this probably wasn't such a bad idea.  She can make sounds and there is always autotuning. She acheived some kind of b-class 'famous for beng famous' status.

Gloria Tesch's parents paid to publish novels, starting when she was 13 years old.   And an unintentionally hilarious book trailer.  And apparently (God help us) an upcoming movie. Unless said parents are obscenely wealthy, I doubt we will ever see the much-vaunted Maradonia themepark.

But the sad thing is, while she can write words, a lot of them, you can't auto-tune a novel.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Decadent Publishing, Ongoing Issues

I have seen some passive aggressive stuff from certain publishers, but if the reported facts are anywhere near the truth (and I suspect they are), this one takes the cake. It seems that Decadent Publishing is:
  • Not communicating with or responding to an author.
  • Making a book a freebie without consulting with or informing the author.
  • Requiring that an author of a book under contract and on sale to communicate with the publisher exclusively via lawyers.
Like Belladonna Bordeaux, I am curious as to whether the other authors of freebies (not available for paid purchase via the publisher's website, only as "free extras") agreed to this use of their manuscript--or whether they also expected standard terms and normal pricing (and, you know, being paid).

Edited to Add:
As of now it seems that this author's book has been summarily dropped from the Decadent Publishing website.

Edited to Add #2:
I thought pulling the book might be the publishers attempt to deescalate the problem.  But it seems it was so the book could be added to Kindle prime and given away for free, against the author's express wishes, to even more people via the Amazon prime scheme? Or if not: what a mighty coincidence.

Wow.  You know, when the publisher-author relationship fails, for whatever reason, I think it makes far more sense to sever it and move on than play these sorts of games.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Piracy Chic

I found this DVD discarded on the side of the road on my morning walk.  I think it might be one of the casualties of Sony's rather peculiar decision to make the official movie DVD look like a pirated copy.

People may choose to pirate, they may like to pirate, but one thing is for sure--pirated copies are assigned less value than "real" ones.

Purchasers and renters have been returning copies thinking they were being short-changed with an unlicensed copy.  So that RedBox and others have had to add explanations about the disc's unconventional appearance on their listings.