Monday, April 02, 2012

Decadent Publishing, Ongoing Issues

I have seen some passive aggressive stuff from certain publishers, but if the reported facts are anywhere near the truth (and I suspect they are), this one takes the cake. It seems that Decadent Publishing is:
  • Not communicating with or responding to an author.
  • Making a book a freebie without consulting with or informing the author.
  • Requiring that an author of a book under contract and on sale to communicate with the publisher exclusively via lawyers.
Like Belladonna Bordeaux, I am curious as to whether the other authors of freebies (not available for paid purchase via the publisher's website, only as "free extras") agreed to this use of their manuscript--or whether they also expected standard terms and normal pricing (and, you know, being paid).

Edited to Add:
As of now it seems that this author's book has been summarily dropped from the Decadent Publishing website.

Edited to Add #2:
I thought pulling the book might be the publishers attempt to deescalate the problem.  But it seems it was so the book could be added to Kindle prime and given away for free, against the author's express wishes, to even more people via the Amazon prime scheme? Or if not: what a mighty coincidence.

Wow.  You know, when the publisher-author relationship fails, for whatever reason, I think it makes far more sense to sever it and move on than play these sorts of games.

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