Monday, April 16, 2012

Forever Amber--plagiarism again

[Via TeddyPig] Forever Amber Publishing is attracting some negative attention right now. Honestly I have never heard of them before (that I can recall).  They seem to be the erotica imprint of similarly obscure Raked Leaves Publishing. One particular title by Felicia Sussex (I Will Find You) is apparently a thinly disguised M/M genderswap rip of Treva Harte's novel Stay.

Edited to Add: Fairly easy to confirm the plagiarism by comparing I Will Find You (Amazon Look Inside) to this sample of Stay.

Given the cover attribution as the Author of "Tom Cat" Felicia Sussex is possibly a pen name of multi-published (by the same press) Emily Wilcox?? And a review of Tom Cat suggests an unthorough and confusing genderswap....

Edited to Add: Emily Wilcox/Tom Cat seems to be  Kitten101/Catching the Thief

I also find matches with multiple Literotica authors--I suspect not the same people all joining Forever Amber?.  Also a match to Samhain.

Felicia Susses titles
 Emily Wilcox titles
Elizabeth Hudson titles

Richie Chances titles
  • Richie Chance/Pleasure and Pain--Eve Vaughn/Stranded [Samhain]

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