Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not-So-Forever Amber

Today, unsurprisingly, the Forever Amber Publishing website is down. The domain is registered to a "Sandra Zoller".

Edited to Add: Zoller is apparently the webmaster.

Edited to Add: There is speculation that a another person [post now deleted] is involved, but I personally doubt this.  Or at least the evidence is not really strong enough to be dragging his name in IMHO.

Edited to Add: In theory the staff are:
Creative Group and Editorial
Senior Project Editor: Jon Buchman (Buch/book-man? Really?)
Acquisitions Editor: Jack Martin
Copy Editor: John Shapiro
Technical Editor: Michelle Davis
Layout and Graphics: Onion Design Studio
Proofreaders: John Shapiro
Indexer: Roxanne Indexing, LLC

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