Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes, I Do Have Somethingto Say

I am willing to debate whether being published is a prize.  But saying so is at worst providing manuscript submission by a another name.But do you know what really crosses a line? Charging an entry fee for it like I Have Something to Say Press is.

Because if you look through all the fluff and assigning cash value to phone calls with people with no obvious publishing credentials and other such nonsense, that is what is happening here. And asking that your submission include three written testimonials by people who have read the book is bizarre. 

Bottom line, would you want to be published by IHSTS Press at all, let alone pay for it? It looks to me like someone has found a way to make money out of a becoming a 'publisher' without releasing a single book. (because they don't make their money from readers).

There is only one book even mentioned as in production, and it is written by the managing editor/self-published author/professional publishing consultant/contest provider: Susan Violante.

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