Saturday, May 05, 2012

Open Letter to Best Western

I tried to send this directly to Best Western but could not find an email address, only forms that would not permit an attachment.  So I will post it here instead:

Dear Best Western
I was interested to see this notice from Best Western posted on my apartment building's locked notice board (attached). I can understand that the manager of this hotel might be frustrated at people who are not hotel guests using the hotel parking lot, and how considerate of him or her to notify these freeloaders that they are now in danger of being towed.  But this does leave me with one question:

Did this manager have a particular reason to believe myself and/or my neighbors are parking in the Best Western hotel lot and then walking or otherwise commuting the fourteen miles from that location to our residences? Or did he or she send this notice to every apartment building within (at least) fourteen miles?

Because, frankly, both options seem to stretch the limits of plausibility.



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