Thursday, May 03, 2012

SearchforPublishers (.com)

For a novice author, Search for Publishers might seem like a really useful website.

It might not strike them as odd that the site asks you irrelevant questions like whether you have been published before, your day job and your budget (startiing at $200 and going over $2500). Oh, and also your age, address, email address, home and evening phone number. 

But if I had taken their advice back when I finished my first manuscript I would be the proud owner of a book "published" by Xlibris (and a lot of spam), not Torquere and the wending path that leads me (for better or worse) to where I am today.

I wonder how big the kickback is, that is paying for all their Adsense ads? And  I hope, perhaps in vain, that not too many of the people out there quite literally 'searching for publishers' are falling for this line of tripe.

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