Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Undead Behaving Badly

One author is reporting issues with Undead Press anthologies edited by  Anthony Giangregorio, including extensive editing of story without author involvement or notification. This included changing major character traits, inserting content, and adding technical errors not present in the submitted manuscript.

Another author has a similar tale. Their story had large sections removed, the title changed and characters altered. Something the author discovered only upon receiving a copy of the anthology.

Kristina R Mosely reports having picked up the danger signals and turned down an offer from Giangregori.Tim Lieder also suggests that Giangregori might have something lose in the screw department. And if that is not enough, Giangregori has previously commercially published unauthorised fan fiction.

It seems that Undead Press/Anthony Giangregorio would be one to avoid, also operating as Living Dead Press and Open Casket Press).

Although to be honest I think the zero monetary compensation was the first clue (these do not seem to be zero profit or charitable publications).  And I wonder how much both authors were encouraged to order copies of the book (as they both seem to have done).

Edited to Add: In fact there really does seem to be a pattern of seeking out novice writers and treating them in a first patronizing and then actively bullying/hostile manner.

For the record, here is a list of authors reporting problems (hardly an isolated incident):
  • Christopher Dwyer & Richard Thomas [eds] -- Anthology: Eternal Night [link]
  • Mandy Degeit --Anthology: Cavalcade of Terror [link]
  • Alyn Day -- Anthology: Women of the Living Dead [link]
  • Darren WJ Mills -- Novel: The Unnatural Dead [link]
  • Mark C Sioneaux -- Anthology: Book of the Dead 3 / Novel: Hollowpoint / [ed] Anthology: Bigfoot Tales [link]
  • Jonathon Mayberry -- pulled out of anthology [link]

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