Monday, June 25, 2012

Fisking eLectio

Some of you may have received the following missive from eLectio


First, let me assure you that this is the only email you will receive regarding this topic.  You will not receive additional emails with incessant requests for support.  Also, please know that I am not posing as some "ambassador" from a small, non-existent African country whose client has a proposition that will result in untold millions for you and your family.

Now, let's get down to business.

This introduction is about as reassuring as opening the door and finding a large man in a ski mask, who immediately says: "I assure you I am not a mugger"

I want to take a moment and tell you about a company that I have founded:  eLectio Publishing (  eLectio Publishing is a Christian Digital Publishing company that exists to discover and distribute fiction and non-fiction works that ultimately glorify God.  We have stringent decency guidelines on our website (feel free to look through them).  We also have a worldwide distribution agreement with one of the America's premiere digital publishers.  In addition, we have our first signed author with another three authors in contract negotiations.

The "first signed author", by a wild coincidence, has the same name as the author of this letter.

Here is why I am emailing you.  I believe that God will provide everything that we need in order to make this venture operate.  But that is where you come in.
If you are a believer in Christ, there are three things you could do to help us:

1.  Visit our website at  Share the website with friends, especially if they have a talent for writing.  We are absolutely interested in new talent.
2.  Become a fan of our FaceBook page at  Also, if you are twitter, follow us on Twitter (
3.  Please pray about and consider donating to our crowd-funding campaign to help us offset our initial expenses.  We are counting on God to provide us with the donors needed to give us everything that we need (as we do not have any intention of opening this business upon a mountain of debt).  Even a $10 donation will help us get where we need to be (if we get enough $10 donations, we will reach our goal in no time).  Also, you will receive perks and public recognition (should you so desire it) when you donate.  Also, please tell any and all of your friends that may be interested in helping out.

The link to the fundraising campaign is here:

Christ wants you to send me all your money.  No, really. 

Understand that primarily we just want to get the word out about our new business.  However, if you are led to give, we truly appreciate all the support.
And again, there will be no further unsolicited communications from us.
Many blessings to you,
Jesse S. Greever
CEO, eLectio Publishing

Begging and Christ-spolation. This is a new low in the world of digital publishing.

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