Monday, June 04, 2012


ISOTUT is not a romance publisher, but they are so inept as to deserve comment.  Here is the content from their website, with a few observations added in brackets:

"We, ISOTUT Publisher, is [singular/plural disagreement] an Independent Book Publisher, as we are not part of a group of publishers that are owned by any Large Publishing Houses (Company[ies]).

We publish all writing genre's [misplaced apostrophe] and we do not turn away any of our writers or their books.[We don't care if you can write, only if you can pay]

Those fees that we will quote you in our publishing proposal is [singular/plural disagreement] for our services to edit / design your book.

We do not [an] pay advance [upon] royalty[ies].

We pay for all the advertising / promoting and setting up your book with our wholesalers worldwide, on our end as we do not charge you for those fees as this keeps your fees down. [Run on sentence]

We set up your book with our wholesalers which are in the US / Canada / UK / Europe / Australia and in Brazil, for all bookstores and booksellers to order and to sell your book worldwide.

For being a new author you will not find a publisher that will pay you upfront (advanced royalty). [bollocks] You need to get your foot in the door first and when your book sells great, then other publisher's [misplaced apostrophe] will contact us [more bollocks]. We will then contact you to let you know that a large publishing company has taken an interest in buying the re-print rights [more bollocks]. They will pay you advance, but not until you get noticed and your book sells great. This will take time, years. [even more pure, unadulterated bollocks]

The main reason that publishers do not pay [an] advance [on] royalty[ies] [bollocks continues], is that there are over 3.5 million plus book titles published worldwide each year. There is no knowing how a book will sell until it is out in the market [sigh], and what the author is willing to do on their own to get noticed as the author of their own book.

To date, there are 30 million plus book titles published and each new book has to compete with those books. New authors also have to compete with authors that have been well known for the past 15 - 30 plus years.

The only way a book will do well is based on what the author of that book wants, on what the author is willing to do to get themselves noticed as the author of their book [Unless, of course, the get published by someone who is in possession of a clue]."

Looking at the introduction to their best-seller I find the statement:

"Neither is this book written with any perfect skillfulness such as in proper sentence structuring, or even correct usage of grammar - as that it not its true purpose."

Since when did publishers take pride in illiteracy?

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