Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Solstice Publishing sent out an email to authors recently including the following statements, which do not really cast them in a very favorable light.

"The existing Solstice business model is a hybrid of traditional and vanity publishing. The company effectively offers light editorial services" [a.k.a. we don't edit very well.]

"Our intention is to start with you and your book, and build a web-based universe around them - allowing you to share your inspirations, processes, and other works with a community that supports and is inspired by you." [a.k.a. we don't really get that most of our readers just want to buy books.]

"Many of you expressed concern about current marketing efforts ... The fact is that most publishing houses are unwilling or unable to really put the resources into marketing all but the barest handful of high profile books and writers." [a.k.a. we are sorry that you expected us to provide marketing support, and we advise you to get over yourself.]

"There have been a handful of books published under our label that really needed significant editing and improvement before being offered to the public." [a.k.a. in case you missed the earlier euphemism: our editing sucks].

As a bonus, from their website: "Solstice does alot of promoting for the books." and "We send all of Solstice Books off for reviews --- We can't make the review sites review the book, But we send every book to review sites." [a.k.a. this is an example of 'lightly edited' text.]

The overall tone is rather similar to when Hearts on Fire was reinvented as Solstice.  Will they be shedding books and authors again?

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