Monday, July 09, 2012

DZFiction, wait and see

Absolute Write's Uncle Jim is inclined to say "publisher is not an entry level position."  I would be inclined to say the same about being an ebook retailer.

When you looka at DZFiction at first it seems fine.  They allow derivative works but it seems to be only of material loaded to their site and categorized as permitting same.

But then I see mention of permitting "scanlations"--which usually means scanning a manga, and translating the language of the text.  Scanlations are normally done without the permission of the copyright holder.

Then in answer to queries on the forum DZ writes:

"Just to clarify, all fanfiction are not for sale - users will be blocked from pricing any work under this category."

As I am sure you all know, unauthorized fanfiction is just as illegal free as it is when you charge money for it.  That is why mainstream vendors need to stay well, well away from it.

"We believe in giving our users a second chance and allow them to learn from their mistakes"

So everyone gets to plagiarize once (per account)?

Account are available to all ages.

My advice would be to steer clear of this outfit until they work out how to operate fully within the law.

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