Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is the online reviewing world going bonkers?

  • First we had the anti-meangrrl-Goodreads-reviewer stalker site allegedly set up by self-publishing authors, sparking a rampant, recursive and blithely hypocritical GR-bullying meme.. 
  • The Chick Lit Girls went after an author who revealed they charge fees and suffered under an internet dog pile (which I guess I was part of).
  • Then Rotten Tomatoes had to close a movie to comments for the first time ever due to virulent attacks against anyone posting negative reviews about a Batman movie.

I think it is time to take the dog for a long walk, have a couple of G & Ts, and hope the tomorrow will be another day.  Perhaps one in which all the teacups are not rattling with self-important storms of hissy outrage because some stranger posted some  less-than-sparkly comment about a book or movie on the internet.

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