Sunday, July 29, 2012

Score one for the so-called "anti-bullies"

One of the reviewers targeted by 'Stop the Goodreads Bullies' has decided that she has had enough of their harassment and closed her review blog.

Reviewer Wendy has closed Cupcake and a Latte, a blog that provided valuable YA reviews, and also her Twitter account.

It is sad that the blog-verse will lose Wendy's reviews, but I understand that sometimes it is just too stressful to deal with the crap that some people are willing to shovel onto anyone they disapprove of.

Update: to be clear the anti-bully in this case is Carroll Bryant, not STGRB, although the two seem to have some association back of house and STGRB covered Bryant's complaints--so I do tend to see them as part of one general movement by authors against reviewers,

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