Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tales of a Trunk Novel

  • Penelope Trunk is trumpeting that she sold a book, decided to self-publish instead, but kept the advance.
  • Greenfield at Digital Bookworld called this out as impossible, and then edited it back to somewhere between implausible and unusual. Comments on this post point out that the self-published version fo this book is only 50 pages long--so perhaps not the full 300-page product initially contracted.
  • Ron Hogan adds that she stepped out on Que, a rather minor imprint of Penguin and perhaps not "all that". And that the cancellation seems to have been rather last minute.
All in all I am not sure that this so much the triumph of a scrappy author over the incompetence of mainstream publishing, as an author who never finished the book and took advantage of a legal loophole?  Time will tell.

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