Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In which RWA makes things "clearer"

RWA has recently been clarifying its position that general members must be "seriously pursuing a romance fiction writing career". 

My first thought is that this puts the 'romance is between one man and one women' debate of yore in a new light.  As, had the initiative succeeded, M/M writers would presumably have been expelled from the general (voting) membership. 

However in this case the people having their asses handed to them are the writers off books 'with romantic elements'.  Including people who have been up until now been general members, not to mention RITA nominees, PAN members etc. (Oh, and RWA has a 'with romantic elements' special interest chapter.)

This "clarification" looks a hell of  lot like a change of position because the implication seems to be that, contrary to what was said at the last convention, 'WRE' members will be ousted from the general member category into the non-voting, unwashed category.

Well, it was about time for the semi-annual RWA cock-up, wasn't it?

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