Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Muso Update

My experience with Muso, the DMCA notice service, was pretty much a success. I joined for a few months and got every pirated copy they could find taken down.  I have not done an exhaustive search to see if they missed any, but I did check everything on the first 5 pages of Googling my pen name, and none of the listings had a live file.After there were no more 'hits' I terminated the subscription and just monitored the email updates on the account to make sure a whole lot more hadn't popped up.

I joined again this month because they have added a new service.  Now they will get even the listing of the file taken down from major search engines.  While having the file taken down prevents it from being downloaded, the junky file share listings and download button stay up, potemtially interfering with readers finding your websites and real points-of-sale.  De-indexing from Google is also a great strategy to use against fileshare sites that ignore DMCAs. So I think this is a great added service.

As long as you are comfortable with $15 a month and know how to start and terminate a paypal auto-pay, I would recommend trying this service.Once I have all the listings and files down I will try a more serious search and see if they missed any.

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