Thursday, October 04, 2012

50 shades toys

I don't judge people based on what they read.

But I would judge the hell out of anyone who:

A) thinks this is a spanking paddle, and

B) thinks it is worth 24.99 UK pounds ( $US 40 ).

Seriously, people.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Good God, these products are just lack-luster and poor quality. You can get better paddles for cheaper. You can get better riding crops for cheaper than they're selling the 50 Shades one for. You're basically buying the brand at that point. Someone who is looking to collect 50 Shades shit would probably buy it just to collect it. I... am so not one of those people.

The way the books deal with BDSM is horrific, and to make these 'toys' based on the books just shows how very little the author knows about the actual lifestyle. James says these are the toys she was picturing when she wrote the book? *shakes head* That, to me, says an awful lot.

Seeley deBorn said...

Good grief. Does no one have wooden spoons in the kitchen anymore? You can get them for a buch at the dollar store...