Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amazon Weirdness (assorted)

Exhibit 1: Amazon threatens to pull book because customer keeps trying to post a positive review. Have you had positive review vanish recently? It looks like an over-zealous sockhunt....

Exhibit 2: Amazon deletes a kindle customers purchased ebooks for no clear reason. Something to do with geographical restrictions, perhaps? Surely she should get a refund, or an explanation that actually explains what happened, or something?

Exhibit 3: This is no differential pricing by region, except when there is.


M Barnette said...

And people wonder why I will never buy a Kindle.

When I purchase something I expect to keep it, period.

Frankly Amazon is a mess across the board and very little of what they do makes any sense.

roslynholcomb said...

There's a group called OOSA that does reviews. For whatever reason Amazon deleted hundreds of their reviews. Claimed they violated TOS, but wouldn't tell them how. When authors complained the reviews suddenly reappeared. We still don't know WTF that was about.