Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The whole story

A lot of journalists have clearly been fed a story with an angle built in.  How dare publishers charge more for ebooks than hardback copies of the same title? What none of the mainstream media lip-syncers seem to have done is wonder why or how that happens.

For example because they are looking at Amazon, where ebooks are priced on the agency model and so cannot be discounted, while hardbacks are sold on the wholesale model and so can be discounted. The recommended retail prices between formats are at most, the same. Differentials are introduced through retailer discounts.

And how the agency model was a response to accusations of price fixing. And how the alleged price fixing was a response to a potential monoply caused by Amazon locking in it's e-reader to its retailing website and basically making a grab for the entire ebook market.

All of which makes me wonder if the author if this so-called news story starts with an A and ends with an m. (Revenge is a dish best served via syndicated articles?)

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