Sunday, November 25, 2012

Noble Romance Author Discontent Continues

[Nov 21, 2012] J S Wayne asserts breach of contract
[Nov 23, 2012] Gianna Simone reports missing royalties
[Nov 25, 2012] Aleksandr Vionov critiques their paperback formatting


Cherie De Sues said...

The list of discontented authors with Noble Publishing is long. As one of those authors, I can state multiple breaches of my contracts, poor formatting on print titles and missing royalties. When Noble Publishing is contacted about these deficiencies, nothing is done by this small press. My only recourse is through an attorney and continuing with other legitimate and caring presses. I love to write thrilling romance novels and one bad apple will not change that...ever.

Aleksandr Voinov said...

From what I'm hearing, we're just the tip of the iceberg, too. Royalties were mis-calculated, formatting on print titles is awful, I haven't been paid royalties in two months, and just about every author I've talked to had multiple contract breaches, while the CEO doesn't respond to emails, evades all firm answers on the phone (but is happy to tell us he'll "teach us how to behave" - yep, a direct quote) and simply ignores registered letters like they don't exist. Meanwhile, he's shocked that "his" authors don't submit new work. Amazing. I'd rather debrain myself with a pencil than submit Noble or recommend them to anybody.