Friday, November 23, 2012

Shadoe Publishing

Honestly, Shadoe has one of the least professional looking publisher websites I have seen in a while:  an annoying popup ad banner on each page and other intrusive ads, "cute" rotating transitions on the graphic and generic book-spines background.

Then there is: "Get the help you need to complete your book with our affordable design, editing, and marketing services, most of which are FREE" and "we do not charge an upfront fee".

Um, most of which? Upfront fee?

Also: "On the cover letter please state your real name and not a published name or pseudo-name"

I think they word they are looking for is 'pseudonym'.

The only named persons associated with the press seem to be Laura McCabe ("Publicist/Agent/Translator") and authors of the books currently available, Q C Masters (1 title) and K'Anne Meinel (8 titles).

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