Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forever Amber a.k.a. 309 East 83rd Publishing a.k.a. RDD Books

It seems like Forever Amber's new iteration might be RDD books? It is a name being used in AllRomanceEbooks for titles being sold on Amazon by 309 East 83rd Publishing. Except for the multiple foreign language versions (e.g. spanish) which are listed under "rdd books" on Amazon also. (Confused yet? I know I am.)

This same title is, in turn, breaking Amazon policy in that something extremely similar is available for free as written by the real author some time ago (1891, see: "The Power of Mesmerism, A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies" at Project Gutenberg)

Then there is the name of the "author" Stephen A. Heche -- which seems designed to cause confusion with our own Stephani Hecht.

Excerpts show characters referred to by their initials for some reason? And some of the details are rather imperfectly gender-swapped.

Oh, and at least some of the editorial reviews posted seem to be fake, or at least referece review sites that are unknown to Google.

I am sure that in terms of WTF, Forever Amber is a gift that keeps on giving. But I suppose I should start another list of their plagiarizing rampage.

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ShellBell said...

Makes you wonder why ARe and Amazon etc can't detect the similarities in the books each time they add them to their databases!